Crane Accidents

Jerry Sayers


San Antonio, Texas

Construction Worker, Age 38, died instantly as the result of a crane accident . He left behind his wife, JoAnn Philips Sayers, children: David Jerry Sayers, age 14 at the time, Amy Sayers, age 13 then, Jody Sayers, age 6 at the time and a step-son he loved as his own: Jimmy Wendall Condry, then age 12.

He’d been active in his church at the time: Wesleyan Methodist Church on West Avenue in San Antonio, Tx. He’d almost completed building the new Baptistry. Later 2 of his children, David and Amy, were some of the first to be Baptised there. It was later dedicated in the honor of Jerry Sayers (legally named Jewell Jerry Sayers) and now has a stone in the bottom of the Baptistry with his name on it.

It was later determined that Diamond Chain Company was at fault with the old addage “You’re only as strong as the weakest link.” Holding quite true. Jerry was also a Boy Scout Troop leader at the time of his death. His children each felt that THEY were his favorite. It was overheard of his neighbors to say that “they” had never seen a man soooo gentle and loving with his kids. And this was very true.

His legacy holds true today and each of his sons, now grown with families of their own, have that same gentle and loving manner with their own children…..even step-Son Jimmy. Daughter, Amy, shares a wonderful family loving togetherness with her children today as well as with her step children and their families that she loves as her own today. Each has learned the value of love and family from the wonderful family they came from in the form of Jerry and JoAnn Sayers. And that – that love can also include step-children that can be loved as much as their own, since the foundation was formed in the love shared between Jerry and JoAnn Sayers. It was an inspiration to see Jerry’s boyscout troop attend the funeral in full uniform in salute to their leader. These are treasured memories today for the children left behind. Who can know all these wonderful memories of so long ago.

I am his daughter, Amy, now 46 yrs old. And I can easily say that I love my Dad as much today as then. And, as much as I hope to live a long life on this Earth, I know that when my time comes…..I will get to enter eternity to see both my heavenly Father and my earthly Father. I do NOT fear death; only that which it does not allow me to finish in terms of unfinished business on Earth. Hope I wasn’t too long…..but MY FATHER deserves a MUCH BETTER TRIBUTE than this small effort. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And for those who are also reading this due to suffering such a tradegy…..Love, prayers and all my best wishes always, Amy Harlow

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