Crane Accidents

Adelbert Clark Wilson


Adelbert Clark Wilson

Denver, Colorado

Killed during the construction of the Wadsworth Blvd and Hampden Ave. intersection outside of Denver, Colorado when an incorrect pin was released on the crane he was working under. Del left behind his wife, 2 young sons, his parents, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and many nieces and nephews. He was dearly loved and his absence is felt keenly by his family and the grandchildren he never knew.

In the stillness of the morning
He took her in his arms
As he bent to kiss her
He whispered, “I love you”

As he hugged his boys
And slipped out through the door
No one could imagine
What that day would bring
To say good bye so swiftly…
If only he had stayed

I’m not really gone
My love is ever with you

I’m in your smiles and in your laughter
In the beating of your heart
I’m in the stillness and the quiet
In each new born cry
And though you can not touch me
If you listen you will know
I’m not really gone

Years and time do not erase
The sorrow and the pain
But with each generation
Is born a legacy

If you are quiet and you listen
If you look you just might see
His presence oh so clearly
For through his children,
And through theirs,
He is more than a memory…

He’s not really gone
His love is ever with us
He’s in our smiles and in our laughter
In the beating of our hearts
He’s in the stillness and the quiet
In each new born cry
And though we can not touch him
If we listen we will know
He’s not really gone

Melodie Wilson Lucas
April 20, 2001

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