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Tower Crane Hits Supermarket

Tower Crane Hits Supermarket 12-11-2013 12-50-52 PM

Bad Homburg, Germany A tower crane has collapsed onto an Aldi supermarket in Bad Homburg, Germany killing at least one member of the public. The crane, a regular top slewer owned by BBL Cranes came down around 11:30 this morning hitting the supermarket next door to the large office construction Read More

Mobile Tower Crane Over in Netherlands

It looks as though an outrigger might have sunk/punched through the road surface

Nieuwegein, Netherlands A self-erecting mobile tower crane has gone over in a shopping street in Nieuwegein, on the south side of Utrecht in the Netherlands, no one is hurt and damage is relatively minor. The incident occurred just before 8:00 this morning and thankfully the operator was on the ground, Read More

Tower Collapse in Germany

Tower Collapse in Germany 11-11-2013 3-39-26 PM

Dachau, Germany A tower crane collapsed on a construction site in Karlsfeld, just outside of Dachau, Germany on Tuesday. The self-erecting lattice tower crane was said to have been lifting a concrete foundation when it toppled. The operator was controlling the crane from the unit’s remote controls and was not Read More

Drop Load Fatality

Dropped Load Fatality 11-11-2013 2-42-32 PM

London, England We now understand that a man who died on a London construction site on Wednesday was crushed after a concrete stairwell was dropped on him while it was being lifted into position. The incident occurred at the site of the new Francis Crick Institute – medical research center Read More

Crane On Fire

Crane Caught Fire 11-5-2013 11-37-34 AM

M25 Orbital Rd, UK A mobile tower crane caught fire this morning on London’s M25 orbital road in the UK. The crane looks like a five axle Spierings owned by local crane company City Lifting, and given its blue color, one of the units acquired from K-Lift following its demise. Read More

Two Tower Crane Jibs Collapse in London

Two Jibs Collapse10-28-2013 3-15-52 PM

Whitehall, London A tower crane has collapsed on to the roof of the Government’s cabinet office in Whitehall, London, following hurricane force winds throughout the southern half of the UK. The building was evacuated around 7.00 am this morning following the incident. Fortunately no one was injured. The jib of Read More

Tower Crane Collapse in Dubai

Tower Crane Dubai10-18-2013 11-59-18 AM

Dubai, United Arab Emirates A tower crane collapsed at the site of a new hotel in Dubai on Saturday killing three and seriously injuring a further five. Details remain sketchy, but it looks as if the top of the crane broke free from the tower, which was erected within the Read More

Jib Buckles at Station

Jib Buckles 10-18-2013 12-14-55 PM

Eindhoven, Netherlands The jib of a mobile self-erecting tower crane buckled at Eindhoven station in the Netherlands on Monday. The six axle Spierings SK1265, owned by Van Riel crane rental, which has three locations in the area, was apparently lifting within its capacity at the time. The 60 meter jib Read More

Fatal Tower Crane Collapse in Singapore

Fatal Tower Singapore 10-4-2013 12-19-25 PM

Singapore A tower crane collapse has left two men dead and two seriously injured on the National Gallery site in Singapore. A third man has more minor injuries.                                             Read More

SE Tower Crane Catches Fire

Tower Crane Catches Fire 9-10-2013 2-53-36 PM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada A self-erecting tower crane working on a site on West Broadway, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada caught fire earlier today, after it contacted overhead power lines. The operator on the ground slewed the crane, an Italian built FM Gru owned by Mega Cranes, without releasing that Read More

Storm Causes Tower Crane Collapse

Tower Crane China 8-2-2013 12-43-11 PM

Shaanxi Province, China A tower crane collapsed in the early hours of yesterday morning on a construction site in Xi’an the capital of north west China’s Shaanxi Province killing four people and injuring four others.                               Read More

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