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Crane Tip in New Zealand

Crane Tip in NZ 10-16-2014 1-22-57 PM

Christchurch, New Zealand An overturned mobile crane closed down a construction site this morning in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thankfully no one was injured when the Kato CR-250 Rough Terrain city crane went over on the site of a new office complex in Victoria street being built by contractor Ganellen. The Read More

Fatal Bucket Truck Tall

Fatal Bucket Fall10-12-2014 12-06-04 PM

Ogden, Pennsylvania A man working from a utility truck fell around 10 meters to his death yesterday in Ogden, to the south of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. He was said to be working on or close to a power line at the time, but so far hard facts are in short supply. Read More

Crane Rolls into Ravine

Crane Rolls into Ravine 10-9-2014 12-22-13 PM

Aachen, Germany A crane left the road just north of Rollesbroich south west of Aachen, Germany, near the Belgian border yesterday. The three axle All Terrain crane was travelling south on the L160- a minor road through hilly and quite remote countryside – when of crashed through a barrier and Read More

Two Cranes Fall in Switzerland

Two Cranes Fall in Switz 10-9-2014 12-28-45 PM

Switzerland Two cranes – a mobile and a tower crane – overturned this morning in a residential area in Switzerland.                                             The falling crane also damaged surrounding buildings The Read More

Another Outrigger Failing

Outrigger Failing10-9-2014 12-40-41 PM

 Fulda, Central Germany A crane overturned in Germany on Saturday morning while unloading bulk material bags onto an empty building plot– its outriggers were fully retracted.                                             The overturned Read More

Train Derails in NE Louisiana, 2-hour Evacuation

Train vs Crane 10-9-2014 12-13-18 PM

Mer Roughe, La Officials in northeast Louisiana say two train engineers are in serious condition after a freight train hit a transport truck, derailing two engines and 16 tank and hopper cars. Mer (mur) Rouge Police Chief Mitch Stephens says about 50 houses were evacuated for about two hours due Read More

Truck Driver Injured by Falling Crane

Truck Driver Killed10-1-2014 3-35-26 PM

Nome, Alaska A truck driver was seriously injured on Sunday when a Rough Terrain crane overturned at a gravel pit in Nome, Alaska. The crane boom flattened the cab of the truck causing serious spinal injuries to the driver, Bryce Warnke-Green, 25. Police are investigating the incident as an industrial Read More

Teenagers Trapped in Boom Lift

Teenagers Caught in Boom Lift 10-1-2014 3-25-54 PM

 Grimsby, UK Two teenagers managed to start a boom lift parked on a housing estate in Grimsby, UK, and had to be rescued from the elevated platform by the local fire service. The fire department were called out around 10:00 pm on Monday night when the two boys, one 16 Read More

Aluminium Crane Overturn

Crane Overturn 10-1-2014 3-12-49 PM

Weilerswist, South West of Cologne in Germany A truck mounted aluminium crane overturned on Tuesday in Weilerswist, south west of Cologne in Germany. The crane was being used by a roofing company with the outriggers on one side short-rigged. As the operator started packing the crane up he forgot the Read More

Another Crane Fire

Another Crane Fire 10-1-2014 3-21-12 PM

Brussels, Belgium A two axle All Terrain crane caught fire on Tuesday on the outer ring road around Brussels, Belgium. The crane owned by local crane rental company Kranen Michielsens pulled over onto the hard shoulder and burnt for some time before the fire service reached it. We understand that Read More

Fatal Crane Overturn

Fatal Crane Overturn10-1-2014 2-25-55 PM

Malacca, Malaysia An All Terrain crane overturned yesterday morning in Malacca, Malaysia, killing the driver of a truck that was unloading nearby. The crane was said to be lifting a generator on to the roof of the Bandar Hilir shopping complex when the crane overturned. Judging by the pictures however Read More

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